Addis Alessandro

Let’s say that I started swimming before I could walk. I did my first swimming class at 4 years old and until 11 I did not swim competitively. I always did both school and swimming at a high level because I believe one shouldn’t exclude the other. I graduated with 92/100 points and currently I study psychology at university. I am a bit crazy and it’s not exactly east to train me, so I have to thank my coach Ivan Scatti who supports me patiently. My favorite color is fluo pink. I started racing open water because not only it fascinated me but a coach once told me I would have never been able to do them; I had to prove him wrong. I am slowly getting closer to those athletes that I once used to look up on the TV when I was younger. I need to thank Adriano who, although not with gentle touch, he brought me to know the world of open water swimming: I am really glad he did.

Maramotti Fabia

Hi! I’m Fabia and I’m from Italy, based “partially” in NYC. I am a passionate endurance athlete and I take literally every opportunity to challenge myself and discover new horizons. I started as an open water swimmer when I was 16 years old; I swam the English Channel in relay, did solo the Strait of Messina (both ways ~8km), the Strait of Bonifacio (18km), and the famous Italian swim from Capri to Naples 36km, called the Marathon of the Gulf. In 2016 I decided to cross the USA on my bike to raise money and awareness for blood cancer research; 4500 miles from Seattle to Boston. In 2017 I did my first triathlon, half Ironman and since then I haven’t stopped. I race extreme, ultra and Ironman races, as well as any other triathlon, trail or cycling events. I did Kona in 2019 and qualified again for 2022 after winning Ironman Italy. I’m currently training for Florida Ultraman in February 2022 and all SwimmingTravel upcoming races and events! I’ve been collaborating with SwimmingTravel since it’s very beginning and I’m super excited and honored to live and share my passion for swimming and endurance sport with everyone at SwimmingTravel.

Caldani Gianluca

Gianluca is a competitive swimmer and it became not only a passion but also a lifestyle. Since 1995 he has been swimming in open water and throughout the years he gained experience in the field. Many are his victories and significant performances at Gran Fondo races both in Italy as well as internationally. To mention a couple, he won the master coèèa Byron in 2001-2002, the 10 km Lago di Caldonazzo. He also arrived 2nd at the Bonifacio Strait in 2019 and many more! President and coach of the swimming team Viola Swim of Florence, born in 2018, he was able to win twice in a row the Regional Championship and bring 6 athletes to National Championship.

Spatola Giuseppe

I served in the Italian military both locally as well as around the world. After an incident in Libano my life changed, after losing first one and then also the other leg. I never stopped fighting and believing that there was a meaning in what I do. During my long cures I met a nurse with whom I now have a beautiful girl. In all this chaos, sport not only played a very important role with rehab, but it was an instrument to help me and help others gain confidence and joy in this life. That is why I share the same value that Swimming Travel has, where swimming is the instrument to discover new and incredible emotions.

Bianchetti Guendalina

I got in the water for the first time at the age of two and haven’t left since then. I am a fish, zodiac sign, maybe that is a sign..? 12 years of competitive swimming and then I started modelling…. but I still believe that 50m fly is easier than walking in a high heel shoe. Super mom of Edoardo, funny person and a bit lunatic… Food lover, if we want to use some social media terminology.

Suisola Maria Vittoria

Maria Vittoria Suisola was born in Arezzo on 01/03/2007. She is a student of the Liceo Scientifico Sportivo "Gobetti-Volta" in Bagno a Ripoli, she plays in the Junior category of the ESSECI NUOTO team in Calenzano and trains in the San Marcellino swimming pool led by the coach Alberto Petri. Since she was a child, she has shown strong aptitudes for swimming, so she began the path as a competitor already at the age of 8. At the age of 11, she participated out of pure curiosity, together with some friends, in a UISP open water swimming competition in Vada and since then she has never left this discipline. Her love for the sea and the sense of tranquility that this gives her created an inseparable bond between them. She is every opportunity to train in the sea, to compete, even when the weather conditions are not optimal. This year she has achieved her best results, in various distances: nautical mile (1800m), 2500m, 3500m and 5000m. Among the various 2021 competitions we mention: On May 16, you participated in the first stage of the Swimming Race circuit in Castel Gandolfo, winning the absolute first place for women and under 20s, both in the distance of the mile and in that of 3000 m, venturing for the first time in lake waters. On 02-03 October you took part in the 11th edition of “Swim The Island“ in Bergeggi (SV). She won the third place overall for women in the 800m Sprint Challenge. Then on Sunday, in an amazing race, especially for her very young age, she won the top step of the podium in the 3.5 km Classic Swim with a time of 42.32 min, under the astonished eyes of the organizers and the race judges. , with a starting list of 800 athletes! Her victory in Bergeggi brought her a lot of media visibility both at national and European level, so much so that she was chosen as Ambassador for Luciano Vietri's Swimming Travel 2022 circuit, to represent Swimming Travel Around The World.

Petrolli Sara

I’m Sara Petrolli, I’m 18 years old and swimming is one of the things that brings joy to my life. I’m currently in the Senior category and I participated at National Championship both in the pool as well as open water. Water is my element, not only because I love swimming but also because I love the sea and everything that has something to so with it. I have a lifeguard license, multiple scuba diving licenses and I love spending time to observe the fauna and the flora of the sea; my dream since I’m kid it’s indeed that to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Not long ago I had the honor to participate in the 30 miles eco-relay to Ustica, Sicily: an amazing opportunity that I was able to share with Luciano as well. Open water swimming gives me not only joy but also many other emotions that I was able to try during different racing championships and events. I’m currently in my last year of high-school and afterwards I’d like to study psychology at university.

Montalbetti Camilla

I have always loved doing sports, trials, skiing, gymnastics, but what I was most passionate about was swimming. Already from school I saw the agonists training and every time the desire to train with them grew in me. That same year my wish came true. My coach Elena immediately understood that I was not a sprinter and oriented me towards long distances, first in the pool and then in open water. First swim in the lake ?! Anxiety, a lot of anxiety, I couldn't do more than 10 consecutive laborers, but never give up! It was love after stroke! Without even realizing it, 12 years have passed and this year I found myself facing a unique experience aboard the Wirless with an irreplaceable crew in the waters between Palermo and Ustica. As soon as she entered the water, the sensations were the same as many years before: anxiety and infinite love for open water.

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